Covid-19 and the curious case of the conspicuous furin cleavage site.

Adding furin cleavage sites is exceedingly rare in nature and exceedingly common in the lab. Curiously, Covid-19's novel furin cleavage site made it impervious to treatment with HCQ.

Linecook 25 Jan

A thumb on the scale for the virus, part 999: covid's fortuitous mutation in light of a paper it evidently read, and the related campaign of whoopsies

This image is me clickbaiting you slightly, the point it illustrates isn't the best one for lab creation, just the most fun to draw, and once the better arguments convince you it's one of the most terrible parts to ponder.

Reading the news you might get the idea Hydroxychloroquine was a quack treatment pushed by unscrupulous (and possibly swarthy) doctors essentially making shit up. What most people probably don't realize is where the idea to try this came from.

CQs have some history in antiviral use- notably the CDC investigated its use for SARS and concluded "Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread"…

CQ stopped SARS from using endosomes to get into cells.

It seemed like a silver bullet in vitro, though AFAIK no one tried it during the actual outbreak.

It was one of the first things we tried for covid, but it didn't work as well as it would have on SARS.

Eventually someone demonstrated that you could get clinically noticeable improvement, but something was clearly different this time around.

For lab-origin arguments based on genetic forensics, one of the most curious differences between covid and its relatives is the furin cleavage site on its spike protein- this isn't a unique feature, but it's something no close relatives posses, and adding furin sites is a common theme in gain of function experiments, because they allow an otherwise unchanged virus to infect new types of cells or jump species.

Behold a curious silence: In the early days when covid was first being described (publicly) there was an unlucky omission from the papers. They glossed over the furin cleavage site. They didn't miss it, they mentioned that area of the genome specifically.

They just omitted what they actually found there.

Around this time — we're talking January to March of 2020 — someone stole the french central pharmacy's supply of chloroquines. Just physically stole it- gone.

But we had yet to discover, publicly, what was going to be different about treating covid. The furin cleavage site does something besides let covid jump cell types/species more easily.

It's is also the reason covid doesn't respond to HCQ the way SARS did

With endosomal entry blocked covid can still get in another way, using its shiny new furin cleavage site.

If you were a conspiratorial type you might say it's almost as if the virus heard about the CDC's 2005 Virology Journal paper and evolved with the knowledge of what medicines it might expect to encounter some day. Clearly the virus knew more than whoever stole the HCQ in France.

To be clear, furin sites are not some rare thing. But they are a feature covid could not have picked up from contact with any of its close relatives, and they're a common addition in a lab.

To get HCQ to work you need to know about this difference. What's the ticket? An OTC expectorant. In combination with bromhexine HCQ works on covid like it did on SARS. The cost of treatment jumps from one generic medicine to two generic medicines.

In some countries both OTC.

So when I talk about the people who made covid intentionally causing harm — AT LEAST by withholding information — it's not abstract. This is something that could have been nailed on day one.

By all rights covid should have been a piece of trivia that never even got a real name beyond "SARS-CoV2"

Why would they stay silent? Furthermore, why would the people who came after them be so SELECTIVELY silent about the single most important thing?

For me,

  • the fact the later researchers also hid the furin cleavage site,

  • the fact somebody stole the french government's chloroquine stockpile early in or before the pandemic,

  • the fact doctors in Wuhan and NYC got rotated out and silenced when they figured out the treatment protocol was actually what was responsible for the mass death,

  • the disinformation campaign AGAINST HCQ and Ivermectin, and eventually against the concept of treatment altogether,

  • the fact a researcher working on a side-channel attack against covid got silenced in a classic Jack Ruby style lone gunman murder suicide,

  • the fact of Bill Gates essentially seizing the developing world's supply of medical oxygen in January of 2020,

  • the fact covid has been used as an excuse to remake the world for the massive profit of a few people,

all point to covid actually being a deliberate bioterrorism attack by the world's bourgeoisie against its workers.

Hypothetically, if for instance someone like Daszak had wanted to speak out and fix covid in an afternoon, something like this might have convinced him to keep his trap shut.…

If this is the ruling class enforcing discipline on a potential weak point — as the last famous white powder envelopes were in 2001 — it fits neatly with everything else.

If however, this was the act of a well-informed lone terrorist then we're still left with the question of why Daszak, the EHA staff, the virologists at WIV, all stayed silent about their knowledge of the virus. Beyond the existence of the furin cleavage site, which even Zhou et al couldn't conceal for long, what else might they have been able to tell us?

Today Fauci said he got an envelope of white powder, too. He doesn't say when. If he told me the sky was blue I would double check, but it's possible part of the real history of covid includes a secret campaign of anthrax threats.…

Don't do any race shit in the comments, this is a campaign by the vanguard of the bourgeoisie across numerous countries to design, release, and prevent the treatment of a virus, physically kill people in its name, then use that as an excuse to impose global class-based sanctions.

Once you're convinced — as I now am — that covid was not only created in a lab, but that its release and everything that followed was done on purpose, (see my pinned megathread if you like) the implications of the furin site are upsetting to consider.

Whether it was inserted for that very purpose or only in the course of moving it from an animal model to humanized cells, in the end the virus couldn't be something whose treatment was already solved. It wouldn't have made it out the door that way, I'm now convinced. That's the purpose covid's furin cleavage site ended up serving. It, and its concealment, and then the silence around its significance from those most familiar with it, were necessary parts of everything that has happened in the past year.

In the final analysis the addition of the furin cleavage site allowed covid to do an endrun around the known SARS treatment. Without it covid would have been a flash in the pan, and somebody somewhere on Earth made covid like this, whatever they were thinking when they did it.

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