JFK Assassination

A list of 17 of the many suspicious deaths surrounding the JFK assassination.

$ean P. McCarthy 26 Mar 2021

List of some of the suspicious deaths in the JFK assassination, starting with the most obvious one.

Bill Hunter was a reporter for the Long Beach Independent Press Telegram. With permission from Jack Ruby’s lawyer he searched Ruby’s apartment. In April 1964 he was shot dead by a policeman in the pressroom of a Long Beach police station who claimed his gun misfired.

Jim Koethe was a reporter for Dallas Times Herald who searched Ruby’s apartment along with Hunter. He decided to write a book about the JFK assassination. In September 1964 a man broke into his apartment and killed him.

Dorothy Kilgallen was one of the most famous female investigative journalists in the country. She began writing a book about the JFK assassination, telling a friend she’s “going to bust this case wide open." Nov 1965 she dies of an overdose. All her notes for the book disappear

David Ferrie was a pilot who worked w/ FBI agent Guy Bannister to arm anti-Castro exiles. He was in contact with Oswald in New Orleans yet denied ever having met him. Feb 1967 it is reported DA Jim Garrison is investigating JFK and Ferrie is a suspect. 5 days later Ferrie is dead.

Mary Pinchot Meyer was the ex-wife of CIA agent Cord Meyer and JFK’s lover. CIA agent Jim Angleton recorded their trysts then broke into her home and stole her diary after her death. Oct 1964 she is shot dead execution style while jogging in Washington DC. The case is unsolved.

Jack Ruby himself dies 1967, having already been sentenced to death. He begged the Warren commission to bring him to Washington to testify as he was afraid to say what he knew while in Texas. They refused. CIA doc Jolly West visited him in prison before he had a mental breakdown.

By the way literally no mention of Jolly West in Jack Ruby’s Wikipedia. It seems notable to me that Ruby was visited in prison by a CIA doctor who performed LSD experiments for MKULTRA. After examining Ruby he announces to the press that Ruby is psychotic.

Gary Underhill was a CIA informant and military correspondent for Life magazine. Within 24 hours of the assassination he told a friend “Oswald is a patsy. They set him up.” He alleged a connection w/ plots against Castro and feared for his life. Dead of a gunshot wound May 1964.

Winston M. Scott was CIA station chief for Mexico City 1956-1969. When Lee Harvey Oswald visited the Cuban and Soviet embassies in 1963 Scott was adamant that the CIA photographed him entering and leaving and that Oswald was recorded on a wiretap. The CIA denies that to this day.

In 1971 Winston Scott was preparing his memoirs. Two days before a meeting with CIA chief Helms to discuss this he dies of a heart attack. No autopsy was done. The CIA seized his papers and all notes. In the 1980s a manuscript was returned to his son w/ everything after 1948 gone.

Eladio del Valle was an anti-Castro Cuban exile who worked with pilot David Ferrie, mentioned above, to fire bomb the sugar fields in Cuba. DA Jim Garrison wanted to interview him too but in Feb 1967 he was tortured and shot point blank, only hours after the death of David Ferrie.

Roger D. Craig was a Dallas PD officer. On Nov 22 1963 he ran towards the grassy knoll where he interviewed witnesses. ~15 minutes after the shooting he observed a man he would identify as Oswald leave the school book depository and enter a station wagon driven by another man.

Craig was with other officers when a rifle was found on the 6th floor of the school book depository. He insisted that the rifle found was a 7.65 Mauser and not a Mannlicher-Carcano. He testified to the Warren commission about both of the above and was ignored.

In 1967 he was a prosecution witness for Jim Garrison in the Clay Shaw trial. Later that year he would be shot but survive. In 1973 a car would force him off the road but he’d survive. 1974: shot and survived. 1975: survives car bomb. Later 1975, found dead of a gunshot wound.

With the church committee (1975) and the house select committee on assassinations (1976) investigating the CIA the next round of deaths start.

Sam Giancana was boss of the Chicago Outfit and worked w/ the CIA on assassination plots against Castro. In 1975 he was called to testify to the church committee about CIA-mob connections. Police officers were detailed outside his house but someone managed to get by and shoot him.

John Roselli was another mobster involved in CIA plots against Castro. He testified once to the HSCA but when they tried to call him back to get more information they couldn’t locate him. In 1976 he was found cut up and stuffed in an oil drum.

David Sanchez Morales was a notorious CIA hitman and chief of operations for the anti-Castro JMWAVE station in Miami. An investigator for the HSCA attempted to locate him and was given the run around by CIA. The circumstances of his 1978 death are very suspicious.

Hale Boggs was House Majority Leader and a member of the Warren Commission. Though he supported the report publicly, privately he dissented and believed Hoover “lied his eyes out.” In April 1971 he began publicly attacking Hoover and the FBI. Oct 1972 he dies in a plane crash.

George de Mohrenschildt was a petroleum geologist, White Russian emigre, and CIA asset who formed a friendship with Lee Harvey Oswald in Texas at the instruction of Dallas CIA agent J. Walton Moore. In exchange he was given assistance securing an oil contract in Haiti in 1963.

By the time of the 1970s investigations Mohrenschildt was a scared man. In 1976 he wrote a chilling letter to his friend, CIA director George HW Bush, asking him to “remove the net around us” as he & his wife were having their “phone bugged; and we are being followed everywhere”.

Bush wrote back saying that he did not know what Mohrenschildt was talking about. In March 1977 HSCA investigator Gaeton Fonzi left his card at Mohrenschildt’s house for an interview. That same day Mohrenschildt was dead of a shotgun blast. In 1978 his wife denied it was suicide.

This is an incomplete list but I tried to include only the most blatant deaths that could be directly connected to the assassination. If you know others I missed let me know. Any one of these deaths could be dismissed as coincidence, for 17+ such deaths that becomes more absurd.

People want to pretend this requires some impossibly vast conspiracy. Information compartmentalization is the basis of the CIA. It’s not necessary to tell a mob hitman why somebody has to die, a soldier follows orders and knows better than to ask questions.

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