Money Ritual

The persistent phenomenon of people doing ritual human sacrifice in order to become wealthy.

2young badazz 16 Mar 2021

money ritual:

Throughout the world, there is a persistent phenomenon of people doing ritual human sacrifice in order to become wealthy. I have removed the names of victims and the accused out of respect, and because the point is to examine the practice in the abstract rather than any one specific case.

These are just a few examples but this practice spans the entire globe as far as i know, and people are well aware of it, and there are very interesting similarities however, the connection between the sacrifice and the intended outcome is never or rarely addressed in coverage of these events if they occur in the West.

The latest device, absurdly crude and obvious, deployed to preempt this sort of inquiry is of course the qanon discourse from both sides. Indeed qanon is the pretext for a massive restructuring of search engine behavior, related to this. though this is obviously a phenomenon of interest, with many questions on quora, google turns up basically nothing on this matter.

You can play with the terms of course, but the result is the same it is soft-banned.

The playbook from the media end of the qanon op is to compare accusations of ritual sacrifice to blood libel - though this is indeed a global and contemporary phenomenon, and to re-discredit the Mcmartin case.

As always my goal is not to retread territory well-covered, but the brazenness of how these articles treat the Mcmartin case merits the clipping from “Programmed to Kill,” which is, of course, the required reading to link the Western Elite to these practices.

The point is that of course this practice exists here in the USA, and of course it is done by politicians and the wealthy, and it is deeply fascinating the lengths to which they have gone to obscure its existence and suppress belief in it.

In Islam we find none of this mysterious or scary; indeed it is well understood that people learn Sihr from the Shayateen and do filthy debasing and evil things in order to get some service from the Jinn in return. The various shapes they take, procedures, etc. are irrelevant.

So why do I mention it? For one, I do feel like there is a lack of understanding about this in places like the USA and especially a lack of connection between the well-exposed Satanic practices of the ruling class and these practices globally.

And indeed, alongside more superficial motivations such as medical experimentation and trafficking for various ends, I think it must be considered that the ruling class is also sacrificing an industrial number of humans as part of Sihr.

But what truly places it along side the other subjects covered here is that there is a relationship between the practice of money ritual and depopulation, and the intended depopulation, the greatest crime ever planned in human history, is really what this group of threads is about.

Though mechanically different from smaller-scale Sihr (ie. Jinn physically stealing and depositing wealth for the Sahir), the shape is similar — the sacrifice of innocents for the wealth of this life.

And whereas at smaller scale it might bear more resemblance to simple robbery, at this scale it is, I think, truly closer to the ritual sacrifice taken to its furthest possible conclusion.

The largest mass murder ever conceived in history, indeed the murder of most people on the planet, in exchange for a situation of evil wealth and enslavement that is unprecedented and still in many ways unimaginable.

This is, of course, what we must prevent, and to do so it is beneficial to understand the philosophies and practices of those who are planning it. In this case I feel like there is more to the story, but it was very hard to figure out how to approach the subject. Though I don’t really have as much to say as I’d like, I think this still serves as a good starting point for the matter and useful context going forward.

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