Steve Sailer with the Paper on Obama's Deep State Family Ties

Little known fact: the Deep State keeps it all in the family.

Steve Sailer May 4, 2021

Dear @TMorello of Rage Against the Machine: Your great-uncle was Jomo Kenyatta, 1st president of Kenya, right? Did you ever look into the 3-way Cold War struggle over Kenya, with Kenyatta as the Brits' Our Man in Nairobi, Tom Mboya as the Yanks', and Oginga Odinga as Moscow's?

“Silly me I thought the CIA was evil because of their 70 years of war crimes, assassinating heads of state, torture, and crushing people’s movements around the globe, and it turns out the real problem was a woke pamphlet.” -Tom Morello (in a snarky reply to Michael Tracy)

Your Kenyan family has lots of overlaps with Obama family history: Barack Sr. was the anchor witness in the trial of Tom Mboya's assassin, although Barack Sr. was closer ideologically to Mboya's pro-Soviet Luo rival Oginga Odinga.

The families and upbringings of you (half-Kenyan grand-nephew of Jomo Kenyatta and half white American) and Zack de la Rocha (mother is an anthropologist) combined are remarkably similar to Barack Obama Jr.'s:

Did you and Zack ever discuss your respective family histories with Obama? I suspect he would be a little jealous of you: Your Kenyan great-uncle Jomo Kenyatta was a world figure, while his Kenyan dad was only a once-promising drunk.

My guess would be, however, that the Morellos and de la Rochas were always anti-US deep state, while the Obamas, Dunhams, and Soetoros had lots of links to the US deep state's efforts in the Cold War to win over the global left.

Kenyan pro-American labor leader Tom Mboya was Barack Obama Sr.'s mentor who got him to the U. of Hawaii as part of a Cold War program to make young African elites pro-USA. Here is deep state-connected Time Magazine promoting Mboya in 1960:

During Kenya's independence drive, Mboya, a dynamic young Luo, did the statesman-like thing and endorsed Kenyatta, a venerable Kikuyu, to be first president, thus helping unify Kenya. But how long was that arrangement to last?

Kenyan politician Tom Mboya was gunned down on the street in Nairobi on July 5, 1969, minutes after chatting with his protege Barack Obama Sr. Obama Sr. was the final witness called in the trial of the gunman, who was hanged.

From Wikipedia on the assassination in 1969 in Nairobi of pro-American Luo leader Tom Mboya:

The 1969 assassination of Luo politician Tom Mboya, Barack Obama Sr. mentor, remains to Kenyan politics a contentious event, rather like the JFK murder is to the U.S. Obama Jr. avoided it in "Dreams From My Father," but there are subtle clues that the Obamas did not like Kenyatta.

Something that has been overlooked about President Obama is how dark are some of the 3rd World political events he had family ties to: the murder of Tom Mboya in Kenya and the great anti-Communist slaughter in Indonesia just before his mom arrived to work in the US Embassy.

For example, Obama's stepfather Lolo Soetoro was from an affluent right wing Indonesian family, his father the top native geologist in the Indonesian oil industry. Lolo attended U. of Hawaii's East-West Center, which competed for hearts & minds of young 3rd World elites.

Life was good for Lolo Soetoro and his girlfriend Stanley Ann Obama when the military back home in Indonesia started slaughtering hundreds of thousands of suspected communists. Lolo wanted to stay, but the Army made clear it would be keeping a list of who served and who didn't.

So, Lolo Soetoro eventually went home to Indonesia and served as an Army officer in the vast slaughter of 1965-1966. He brought his bride Stanley Ann Obama (and her son Barry) to Jakarta in 1967, where she worked in the CIA-heavy US embassy.

In "Dreams From My Father," little Barry Soetoro asks Lolo if he ever saw a man die.



"He was weak."

From the dramatic emphasis Obama gives the scene, I suspect he actually asked his stepdad if ever killed a man.

Obama in "Dreams From My Father" leaves his family connections to the anti-Communist/anti-Chinese genocide in Indonesia vague, but my speculation is he believes his stepdad, a decent guy, drank himself to death as self-medication for his PTSD from participating in the slaughter.

These two almost always overlooked Obama Family background events--the 1969 assassination of his father's mentor in Kenya and the 1965-66 genocide in his stepfather's Indonesia--suggest to me that Obama's worldview is darker than is usually assumed.

These might be the closest I've come to updating my perspectives on Obama using what I've learned about his family members' various Cold War backgrounds. Obama's Deep State ties are less scandalous than illuminating:

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