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Conflicts with the Lone Wolf construct.

bill 19 Apr 2021

April 19th: it's 26th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing and I'm going to thread on two specific aspects of the case that everyone should know about.

There's been no shortage of bizarre bombings, shootings, and other deep events over the last couple of decades but the Oklahoma City bombing is still the deadliest domestic terror attack in our country's history.

And the fact is, the government lied, concealed, and utterly failed to adequately investigate what happened on April 19, 1995.

The official story: in 1994, Timothy McVeigh told an old Army buddy, Michael Fortier, he wanted to bomb a federal building to "take action" to avenge the ATF/FBI's actions at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

The official story: McVeigh enlisted another old Army buddy, Terry Nichols, to help him build a bomb inside a Ryder truck. McVeigh alone drove it to the front of the Murrah building and blew it up.

The official story: four total people (Michael Fortier, his wife, Nichols and McVeigh) had prior knowledge of the bomb plot.

Two specific and important topics run counter to the official story and deserve wider attention:
- McVeigh's (many) other associates
- Evidence of prior knowledge far beyond the three men named above, up to and including elected officials and federal agencies.

I believe the evidence on these two points is overwhelming and irrefutable.

(In a later thread I will deal with issues surrounding the bomb itself and whether an ANFO bomb alone could have done the kind of damage that was done to the Murrah building.)

My primary sources for this thread:
- The film "A Noble Lie."
- Andrew Gumbel and Roger Charles' book on the investigation
- Wendy Painting's book on Timothy McVeigh
- the Opperman interview with Painting and Holland Vandennieuwenhof

"A Noble Lie," which is available free on YouTube:

Opperman Report episode with Painting and Vandennieuwenhof:

Thread on Painting's book about McVeigh [also at Thread Reader]

Thread on Gumbel/Charles' book

I highly recommend reading these two for yourselves.

Here we go.

1. On April 16th, Lea McGown, the owner of the Dreamland Motel in Junction City, KS spots one of her customers, Timothy McVeigh, sitting in a Ryder truck outside the motel.

2. On April 17, two men, one using an ID with the name "Robert Kling," rented a Ryder truck from Elliott's Body Shop in Junction City, KS.

3. "Kling" is an alias that Timothy McVeigh was known to have used, however, McVeigh's prints were never found in the shop, despite the counter being removed entirely and sent to the FBI crime lab.

4. In all, 1,034 fingerprints were collected as part of the investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing. An FBI agent testified under oath that these prints were never run through the national fingerprint database.

5. Back to "Kling," who investigators say is McVeigh. Didn't he already have a truck? Why rent a second one?

6. There is surveillance footage of McVeigh at a McDonald's near time of the transaction. There's no surveillance footage of McVeigh at the body shop. Was he even there?

7. Witnesses at the motel claim they saw two Ryder trucks in the parking lot, one looking older and faded, the other with a much newer and cleaner look.

8. A delivery man brought Chinese food to McVeigh's room during his stay at the motel, and insisted that the man who answered the door and paid for the food was not McVeigh, Nichols, or Fortier.

9. According to the official story, on April 18, the day after he first rented the truck, McVeigh and Nichols assembled the Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil (ANFO) bomb at Geary Lake, in Kansas.

10. However, 6 witnesses told the Denver Post they began seeing a Ryder truck parked at the lake the week prior.

11. A real estate agent named Georgia Rucker drove past the lake twice as she helped a friend move on April 10th -she saw the Ryder truck parked at the lake that day.

12. James Sergeant retired on April 10, 1995, and spent the next few days fishing at Geary Lake. He told federal investigators that he saw a Ryder truck parked there most of the time he was fishing.

13. One big problem for the FBI : McVeigh was in Arizona at the time the Ryder truck was first spotted at the lake. And some of the witnesses reported seeing more than one other vehicle parked near the Ryder truck as it sat there.

14. The other vehicles in McVeigh's convoy: a yellow Mercury Marquis, missing a license plate (the getaway car he was pulled over in); a white sedan; and a brown Chevy pickup.

15. Evening of the 18th, McVeigh and two other men dined at a restaurant in Perry, OK at 7:30. Ryder truck was parked outside. He's then seen at a convenience store in downtown OKC at 9:30. [twitter thread]

16. According to the FBI's own reports, at least 24 eyewitnesses saw Timothy McVeigh accompanied by at least one other man on the morning of April 19th.

17. Billie Hood and Rodney Johnson were on their way to work that morning when they had to slam on their brakes for two men exiting a Ryder truck to run across the street. Both got a good look at the pair, and both told the FBI what they saw.

18. Here are several witness accounts, some of whom place McVeigh in the brown pickup around 8am and near the yellow Mercury getaway car shortly after. Wasn't alone in any of these accounts, either. [twitter thread]

19. Mike Moroz, Allan Gorrell and Byron Marshall worked at a tire shop a few blocks from the Murrah building. McVeigh stopped there to ask for directions at 8:30am; there was a man in the passenger seat.

20. Daina Bradley went to the Murrah building that morning with her mom, sister, and two small children. She was there to visit the Social Security office to get her three month old son his Social Security card.

21. Through panes of glass on the building's first floor, she watched the yellow Ryder truck pull into the circular driveway in front of the building.

22. Daina Bradley saw an "olive-skinned white male" exit the passenger side of the vehicle. He was wearing a dark blue jacket and a baseball cap. The next thing she remembers is feeling crushed, and the sound of babies screaming.

23. Daina Bradley was the only member of her family that made it out of the Murrah Building alive. Her mom, sister, and two children were crushed to death.

24. A Secret Service memo describing a surveillance video from outside the Murrah building on the morning of the 19th includes the line "suspects exited vehicle three minutes, six seconds prior to detonation." Suspects. Plural.

25. The FBI claims this video has been lost or destroyed.

26. The prosecution never brought up McVeigh's whereabouts between April 17 and April 19 at his trial. The previous tweets tell you why: he was never alone, and this would hinder the prosecution's lone wolf narrative.

27. On to some documented instances of prior knowledge:

28. In the months leading up to the bombing, ATF informant Carol Howe was embedded with a white separatist community in Arkansas called Elohim City.

29. Carol Howe reported to her handlers that members of the community, including one Andreas Strassmeir, had made threats against federal buildings, and had even traveled to Oklahoma City to scout locations, including the Murrah building.

30. (I don't want to go on too many tangents, but Strassmeir is an important figure in this story and if you're curious for more info, look him up.)

31. In March, 1995, A US Marshals informant relayed that he'd reviewed plans with a different, unnamed group of conspirators in Arizona. They had blueprints of the Murrah building and planned to attack between April 6 and 20. [twitter thread]

32. In the week prior to the bombing, two Air Force bomb disposal experts were suddenly summoned to Oklahoma City. Officially, they just sat in their motel and received no further orders. One of the men was tracked down, but declined comment. [twitter thread]

33. On April 17 or 18, someone claiming to be from the "liaison at the Pentagon to the governor of Oklahoma" called Walter Reed asking about treating lung injuries from explosions. [twitter thread]

34. Two hours prior to the explosion, an OKC PD bomb squad car was seen parked across the street from the Murrah building.

35. An hour prior to the explosion, the OKC PD horse patrol units were dispatched downtown for "crowd control," for no discernible reason (at the time), per officer Don Browning.

36. Exactly a half hour prior to the explosion, someone called the Justice Department to tell them a federal building had just blown up.

37. 3 minutes before the bomb went off, Texas Rep Steve Stockman received a fax:

"First update. Bldg 7 to 10 floors only. Military people on scene -- BATF/FBI. Bomb threat received last week. Perpetrator unknown at this time. Oklahoma."

The final word was underlined twice.

38. There were numerous instances of people in the white nationalist/survivalist/gun show circuit telling others that something big was going to happen on April 19.

39. According to a KFOR Channel 4 report, immediately after the bombing, a man (who wished to remain anonymous) asked an ATF agent for information on his wife, who'd worked in the office as a secretary.

40. He was told by this ATF agent that all personnel had been told via their pagers not to come into the office that day.

41. About an hour after the bombing, OKC cop David Kockendorfer was speaking to Rep. Ernest Istook (R), who stated, "Yeah, we knew this was going to happen."

42. A different OKC cop, Don Hammonds, was speaking to one of Istook's aides around this same time. She told him that the bombing "was in response to Waco," and that they'd "been aware of a threat since the 9th."

43. At the very least, it appears a threat was apparent, but ignored. At the very least, the parents of the children in the daycare deserved to know there were bomb threats. MULTIPLE agencies had warnings.

44. 168 people died that day. Everyone who participated but was never tried belongs on prison. Everyone who's covered it up has blood on their hands.

45. We owe it to the victims and their surviving family members to understand what really happened that day. We owe it to them to hold the agencies involved responsible. We owe it to them to speak truth to power.

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